Join us for an all inclusive weekend of learning and laughter for you and your dog! Take part in training classes, workshops, lectures, and fun matches. Try a new dog sport!

June 2021

Fabulous Activities to choose from!

  • Agility I & II
  • Rally O
  • Obedience
  • Scent Work
  • Disc
  • Dock Jumping
  • Tricks & Games
  • Attention & Heeling
  • Freestyle
  • Barn Hunt


  • Instructors Challenge
  • Ask the Expert Panel
  • Enter the “Iron Dog” Competition
  • Exciting Demos
  • Lectures and Workshops on up-to-date topics

Top Instructors from all over Ontario!

Please review class descriptions below for further information.

Attention and Heeling

This class teaches you how to get and keep your dog’s attention, no matter what is going on. If you wish to participate in dog sport of any type (Agility, Rally, Obedience etc.), or would like for your dog to pay better attention, this class is for you. As an added bonus this class will also focus on how to get a really amazing heel using good body communication and handling skills. Sign up quickly this class filled up very fast last year!

Pet Photography

Bring your dog, your digital camera (a DSLR is best so you can change lenses) and laptop with photo editing software such as Photoshop or iPhoto. Learn tips and tricks to capture your dog’s unique personality. Class participants may enter their best photo in the Camp MerryWoof Top Shot Contest.


Rally Obedience is geared for dogs that have mastered Novice obedience level exercises. Your dog should know sit / down / stay / front / return. The Advanced rally class is more complex and will prepare you and your dog for trial. In Rally, the handlers are encouraged to praise and motivate the dog as they work from station to station within a time limit. Rally puts the fun back in obedience for you and your dog.

Tricks & Games

Improve the bond between you and your dog by doing something that is fun for both of you. Try some tricks to break up the more serious obedience exercises. Teaching tricks is a great way to get the whole family involved in training and interacting with the dog. Kids are far more impressed with a dog that rolls over or gives a high five, than one who heels well. This class will also be great for dogs who do therapy visitation and are looking to entertain people of all ages. Come and play games that will help keep you and your dog enthusiastic about learning and working together.

Agility I & II

Camp MerryWoof offers two levels of Agility training. A basic introduction to obstacles for the beginner dog, as well as, a more challenging advanced course for those with experience. Agility is a great way to boost your dog’s confidence while learning to work on A frames, tunnels, weaves, teeter-totters and more

Dock Diving

This exciting sport is for dogs that love the water. Dock Diving Competitions are becoming more popular in the hot months of summer. Camp Merrywoof is the perfect place to take this wonderful class. The camp has three large docks to jump from.

T-Touch for the Family Pet

The T-Touch method of training can influence your pet’s health and behaviour. With the application of T-Touch you can improve your pet’s mobility, enhance recovery from physical exertion/stress and improve the bond with your pet. T-Touch can also help dogs that are fearful or shy, and dogs that pull on the leash, bark, chew, get car sick and have grooming concerns. T-Touch can help calm and manage your over-exuberant pet. Join us for two Interactive T-Touch Workshops on Saturday at 11:00am and 7:00pm.