Reserve a single room or come with a friend and share a double room, or bring a group to fill a quad room. Each building offers showers and flush toilets.

Canine Accommodations

Your dog can be with you at all times except in the dining hall. For your dog’s safety you must crate your dog when he is left alone. Please bring your own crate. Dog owners not crating their dogs are responsible for any / all damages to camp property. Dogs are not allowed off-leash, unless in the training areas and must be supervised. Please note that handlers allowing their dog to run loose will be asked to leave the campgrounds. If you leave the campgrounds to run an errand and your dog is left in his crate, please advise a staff member.

Campground Policies

  • A copy of vaccination / certificate of health will be required. Dogs without current proof of vaccination or certificate of health will not be admitted on the grounds.
  • Poop/Scoop strictly enforced!
  • For everyone’s comfort, smoking is permitted only in outside area.

What to Bring

  • Please bare in mind that all classes are held outdoors, rain or shine!
  • Comfortable appropriate clothes for cold, hot and/or rainy weather
  • Waterproof footwear and rain suit
  • Sturdy footwear (if participating in activities that require such)
  • Sheets and blankets, or a sleeping bag (most cabins have single beds)
  • Pillows
  • Towels – camp is located on the Rideau River. Bring extra towels if you and your dog wish to swim
  • Personal toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Fan (it can get hot)
  • Beverages (the water at camp is safe to drink, however, you may prefer to bring bottled water)
  • Notebook
  • Camera (a DSLR is best if you are taking the Pet Photography Class)
  • Laptop, memory stick or DVD-R to save your work if you are taking Pet Photography
  • Flashlight (for those occasional night runs with your dog)
  • Lawn chair
  • Assortment of collars and leashes appropriate for your training
  • Crate for your dog(s)
  • Plastic bags for poop scooping
  • Dog food and water bowls
  • High reward treats for your dog
  • Your dog’s favourite toy
  • Your dog’s favourite disc/ball (if participating in the Disc dog class)

Click here to download a printable version of this list.