Wonderfuly Weaves, I love to weave!
September 13th from 1-3pm

No matter the level of weaving your dog is at right now this workshop is going to bring your weaving game to the next level.

Working Spot:
40.00$ For all non-members
20.00$ For all Cricket’s members

Audit Spot (no dogs):
20.00$ For all non-members
10.00$ For all Cricket’s members

Limited working spots available! Reserve your spot now by sending us a private message!

CARO Rally-O trial
Sept 20th
An official trial under the Canadian Association Of Rally Obedience (CARO).
A list of the different levels of courses we will be running is coming soon!

Go the Distance!
September 27th from 1-3pm

This agility workshop will help you get better distance work from your dog!
We will cover things like independent and hard tunnel entries, driving forward, independent jump wraps, going away from you…
This workshop is better suited for dogs that have an agility base.

Working spots:
40.00$ for all non-members
20.00$ for all Cricket’s members

Audit spots (no dogs)
20.00$ for all non-members
10.00$ for all Cricket’s members

We have limited working spots available so reserve your spot now by sending us a private message!

Learn to track! Search & Rescue 2-day Seminar
October 3rd-4th

This 2-day seminar is all about learning more about Tracking & Search and Rescue! This seminar is great for all dogs no matter the breed, we’re going to put their nose to good use and they’ll learn to find other things then the leftover fries on the side of the road!

Working spots:
60.00$ for all non-members
30.00$ for all cricket members.

Audit only (no dogs)
30.00$ for all non-members
15.00$ for all cricket’s members

We have limited space available for working spots so reserve yours today by sending us a private message!
This seminar will be done outside while socially distancing to make sure everyone stays safe!